July 12, 2022     •     Press Release

Realfinity Raises Pre-Seed Funds in Prelude to Upcoming Funding Round

MIAMI, July 12, 2022 — As a fast-paced growing startup, Realfinity is excited to announce they have successfully raised pre-seed funds through convertible note funding. 

With a series of convertible notes, the company has secured funding of $2 million to continue the development and growth of its HomeDashboard product for the real estate finance technology market. HomeDashboard currently connects its growing consumer base of over 120,000 homeowners with financial data and services, cobranded with real estate professionals and loan officers. Realfinity’s proprietary technology creates a combined benefit for lenders, real estate brokerages, and consumers in a B2B2C (business to business to consumer) model that is growing in the upcoming months with new lenders and brokerages.

“This pre-seed debt-based financing allows us to complete important product milestones and is the prelude to a forthcoming round of funding,” said Luca Dahlhausen, Co-Founder of Realfinity.

By connecting real estate professionals and loan officers within Realfinity’s product, HomeDashboard, homeowners have ease of access to data and the useful knowledge needed to make better informed decisions regarding their home’s equity and to successfully capitalize on their real estate investment and its true financial capability. 

“The current momentum in financial services is shifting to consumer direct vs. traditionally accessing borrowers through real estate professionals and their trusted relationships,” said Mark A. McLaughlin, Realfinity Board Member. “HomeDashboard provides a cohesive co-branding opportunity for loan officers, real estate professionals and their respective clients. Partnering together, the consumer gets one step closer to eliminating the friction in the mortgage and home equity process.”

Realfinity’s clients, both lenders and real estate brokerages, pay a PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) fee for every customer using the platform. Offering a true end-to-end real estate transaction, HomeDashboard draws more business through customer conversions of prospect buyers and customer retention of existing homeowners.

About Realfinity

Realfinity is an innovative and transformative data-driven Fintech company connecting consumers to local real estate and lending experts through a digital concierge experience. Realfinity’s unique go-to-market strategy as a B2B2C (business to business to consumer) platform allows true scalability to achieve its single objective to make financial services more accessible and transparent for consumers. Realfinity’s HomeDashboard platform increases transparency, bridging the gap and trust divide that often exists between client and financial service providers. HomeDashboard’s validated connections to local real estate and finance experts deliver quality data to the homeowner — all for free.