January 18, 2024     •     Press Release

Realfinity Launches Dual-License Program for Real Estate Agents

Enabling the Integration of Mortgage Services as a Value Enhancing Strategy to Counteract Commission Pressure

Miami, Florida – January 18, 2024 

Realfinity is excited to announce the availability of its Dual-License Program enabling the integration of mortgage services for real estate agents. In the dynamic and increasingly challenging environment of real estate, agents are now able to take advantage of this innovative solution to combat pressure on their commissions and enhance their value proposition by offering mortgage services.

Realfinity is the first company to commercialize this opportunity as a plug-and-play solution. As opposed to a typical lender or mortgage broker, Realfinity focuses solely on creating and enabling infrastructure for professionals who want to offer mortgage as a service to their clients. Dually licensed agents can not only take advantage of the purchase market but use their database of previous clients to generate refinances – a unique opportunity offered by Realfinity’s origination platform.

Luca Dahlhausen, CEO of Realfinity, underscores the significance of this program, stating, ‘It’s evident that offering mortgage as an ancillary service is a natural step, supported by regulators, as seen in a recent FHA rule change allowing individuals to serve as both the real estate agent and mortgage originator for FHA-insured home loans. The reason this program hasn’t gained significant attention is that existing brick-and-mortar lenders and brokers would cannibalize their own business by disrupting the value chain.’

Becoming dual-licensed with Realfinity helps real estate agents offer mortgage services in an efficient and scalable way. All fees are transaction-based, not imposing any fixed costs, and providing superior experience and service to clients. The Dual-License Program enables real estate agents to increase their commission while staying focused on their core competency of home sales.

Getting started is a simple and straightforward process. Realfinity provides expert training for mortgage licensing and guides agents in required testing typically enabling them to receive an NMLS license within approximately three weeks. After receiving the mortgage license, dual-licensed agents can offer their clients mortgage services through the Realfinity loan origination and processing platform. The Dual-License Program provides agents with the opportunity for a career enhancing move.

Dual-licensed agents benefit from providing a unified client experience with one-stop shop convenience and better mortgage rates by cutting additional customer acquisition costs. The integration adds a new revenue stream, bolsters client loyalty, and increases transaction control. Challenges with regulatory compliance and financial expertise are effectively managed by Realfinity’s technology and loan processing team, allowing dual-licensed agents to concentrate on their primary real estate responsibilities.

Offering mortgage services alongside real estate sales is a strategic decision for real estate agents. Realfinity’s Dual-License Program focuses on ensuring adherence to regulations, streamlining business processes, and providing high-quality services. This program helps agents improve their offerings and stand out in a competitive market.

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