March 27, 2024     •     Article 

How Dual-Licensing for Real Estate Agents Can Offset Potential Losses from NAR Settlement

The recent settlement between the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and the Department of Justice (DOJ) has sent shockwaves through the real estate industry. With potential changes looming in the realm of commission structures, real estate agents are facing uncertainty about their future earnings. In this article, we’ll explore how agents can leverage mortgage income to mitigate potential losses and secure their financial future in the wake of the NAR settlement.

Understanding the NAR Settlement

The recent $418 million settlement by the National Association of Realtors (RealDeal) marks a significant shift in the real estate industry, aiming to introduce more transparency and competition while addressing concerns over traditional commission structures. For many years, the NAR maintained practices that critics compared to a cartel, with a standard commission rate of about 6% shared between the seller’s and buyer’s agents. This system has been scrutinized for potentially inflating real estate fees artificially and limiting competition. A notable lawsuit in Kansas City federal court found these practices to be a form of collusion, leading to a substantial judgment against the NAR (NBC). “Ultimately, continuing to litigate would have hurt members and their small businesses,” interim CEO Nykia Wright said in the press release. “While there could be no perfect outcome, this agreement is the best outcome we could achieve in the circumstances” (NAR). The settlement still requires judiciary approval.

The Role of Mortgage Income

With this settlement, there will be critical changes including mandatory commission sharing and requirements for increased transparency in negotiations with consumers. With the potential of real estate agent’s commissions decreasing, there are opportunities to diversify their income sources, particularly through mortgage commissions, which represent the second largest revenue source in any residential real estate transaction.

Subsidizing Potential Losses

Mortgage income can serve as a significant financial buffer for real estate agents facing the volatility of commission-based earnings. This approach involves leveraging income derived from engaging in the mortgage lending process itself and earning commission on the mortgage loan. Real estate agents possess a deep understanding of the property market, which they can enhance by becoming educated, trained, and licensed as a mortgage loan officer on the Realfinity Platform.

Realfinity is offering dual-licensed real estate agents on its platform up to 1.4% commission on the loan amount and is capping overall commissions to the client based on the average transaction size in each market. The math example below is based on a $420,000 home purchase.

Embracing Dual Licensing

Real estate agents who pursue dual licensing to expand their services and capitalize on the opportunities as a catalyst from the NAR settlement will have strategic advantages being able to offer both real estate and mortgage services. This includes increased control over transactions, enhanced client relationships, and an increase in commission-based earnings.

By offering mortgage services directly, agents can provide more comprehensive services to their clients. This not only creates additional income streams but also enhances client satisfaction and loyalty, potentially leading to more referrals and a more robust business during all market conditions.

How to get started as a Dual-Licensed Real Estate Agent

Realfinity offers real estate agents the opportunity to become dual-licensed as mortgage loan originators, potentially boosting their commission on each transaction. Realfinity is solely focused on enabling mortgage as an ancillary service and is not associated with one individual lender, which creates an open environment for consumers to see all their finance options.

The process includes completing pre-license education, passing the SAFE exam, and utilizing the Realfinity Loan Origination Platform. This dual-licensing approach provides a unified real estate experience for clients and increases agent revenue with minimal additional effort. To learn more, visit our website and get access to our free step-by-step guide to becoming dual-licensed.


As the real estate industry grapples with the fallout from the NAR settlement, real estate agents are seeking ways to protect their financial interests and secure their future earnings. By embracing mortgage income and exploring dual licensing opportunities, agents can position themselves for success in this changing market environment.

It is a crucial time for real estate agents to diversify their revenue streams and adapt to the evolving needs of their clients. With the right strategies in place, agents can navigate the challenges ahead and emerge stronger and more resilient than ever before.