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Whether you are a loan officer interested in getting your company onboard, or an individual real estate agent, we have the right plan for you.

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  • For Loan Officers

    HomeDashboard for loan officers is an enterprise solution, which requires your lender to be onboarded. We onboard your lender at no cost – click “get started” below to inquire about getting set up! The pricing model shown here is for single MLOs.

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    Customize your plan with optional add-ons. These can be added at any time with an in-platform purchase.



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    Calculate your monthly cost based on the number of clients you have.

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  • For Real Estate Agents

    Invitation through a lender partner is required for access to HomeDashboard. Inquire with your preferred lender to see if they are using HomeDashboard, or go live with Realfinity Mortgage today.



    per month

    Unlimited homeowners and homebuyers.
    Complete access to all platform features.

    To go live now, partner with Realfinity Mortgage
    (currently serving TX and FL)

    Product Features


    Are you a real estate broker or builder? Are you interested in rolling out HomeDashboard companywide? Do you want to build your own mortgage brokerage? 

Pricing FAQ

Loan officers are not currently able to sign up as individuals without their company being onboarded. The enterprise solution is only available if your retail lender is integrated on HomeDashboard (PPE, POS, and LOS). Realfinity onboards retail lenders and brokers at no cost. You can reach out to us at to review onboarding requirements.

We have an in-platform billing system on the above described subscription model. Realfinity is flexible to bill on a company, branch or individual level.

There is no cost to invite your real estate agent, but once they accept and sign up, you each pay a $10/month flat fee. The $10 fee applies to each real estate agent that signs up to co-brand and collaborates with you.

Nope! There is no limit on the number of real estate agents you can co-brand and collaborate with on HomeDashboard. Your real estate agent’s clients will see your contact information and finance options on their HomeDashboards. As a loan officer, there is a $10/month charge for every real estate agent you are co-branded with. Also, the real estate agent will pay a $10/month fee to have access to the platform.

Absolutely, you can upgrade within HomeDashboard at any time. Or simply reach out to and will will set you up.

Yes! Sign up right away and partner with Realfinity Mortgage or inquire with your loan officer partner to see if they want to onboard to HomeDashboard.

If you aren’t fully satisfied with your experience on HomeDashboard, we will work with you to cancel your account. Please reach out to us at Once you cancel, your homeowners and homebuyers will no longer have access to their HomeDashboards.

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