June 21, 2023     •     Press Release

Realfinity announces new Realtors+ feature

HomeDashboard for real estate agents.

Miami, Florida Jun 21, 2023  – Realfinity is thrilled to announce the launch of Realtors+ on HomeDashboard, a client-facing platform designed for real estate agents and loan officers seeking seamless collaboration.

In a recent report by Zillow, it was revealed that nearly six out of ten successful homebuyers rely on their real estate agent for guidance and education on home financing, underscoring the importance of lender-agent collaboration. However, the current state of collaboration is often manual, fragmented, and lacking transparency, highlighting the need for improvement.

Realfinity aims to transform how real estate agents and lenders interact with their clients throughout the homeownership journey, from pre-purchase to post-closing. With HomeDashboard, agents can offer their clients a comprehensive platform to access property fundamentals such as valuation statistics, demographics, liens, recent transactions, property tax, and more. Combining these property fundamentals with finance options and available quotes from their preferred lenders, HomeDashboard empowers real estate professionals to effectively educate their clients and help them build wealth with their most important asset – their home.

What sets HomeDashboard apart from the competition? Firstly, the platform directly integrates with lenders’ pricing and point-of-sale systems, guaranteeing data integrity, transparency, and real-time pricing for seamless transactions. Secondly, HomeDashboard empowers consumers by providing access to property data, educational resources, and the ability to initiate a full loan or pre-approval process within the platform. Unlike lead generation models, HomeDashboard facilitates rethinking the value proposition of a real estate agent to become closer to a wealth advisor, as consumers look for guidance in building real estate wealth, where buying a home is part of the goal, but not the entire goal in and of itself.

Realfinity’s user-centric approach puts the power back into the hands of homeowners and homebuyers, eliminating excessive sales calls and inquiries. With HomeDashboard, individuals can confidently navigate the homeownership journey and make informed financial decisions.

With this initial rollout, Realfinity allows 500+ loan officers from different integrated lenders and mortgage brokers to invite their real estate agents, fostering collaboration. In an invite-only model for real estate agents where one LO can collaborate with many real estate agents.

In the second step, real estate agents will be able to collaborate with a variety of different loan officers, ultimately providing their clients with a variety of loan options from different lenders.

Realfinity is actively onboarding and seeking additional lenders to join the platform to gain access to this collaborative opportunity for both homeowners and homebuyers. Real estate agents can now sign up for HomeDashboard in Florida, Texas, and soon California. For agents in other states, exclusive access is available through a lender invitation.

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