About Us

Our driven team is tackling inequalities in the housing market by simplifying and bringing transparency to the complex mortgage world and providing financial education to homeowners and homebuyers.

Realfinity democratizes access to data and finance products in residential real estate. We believe that everyone deserves equal access to the resources needed to make the best financial decisions for their future.

We are a technology company building a private-label platform that deeply integrates with our B2B clients’ tech suite to offer investment-grade property data analytics and finance options at their homeowners and buyers’ fingertips.

Our Mission

With HomeDashboard, loan officers and real estate agents increase transparency, remove knowledge gaps, and empower their homeowners and homebuyers to make data-driven decisions and build lifelong wealth.

We enable your business to make property data and mortgage products accessible to your clients throughout the entire real estate lifecycle.

Our Story

June 2020

The Realfinity idea is born. We are working on the initial development of our robust enterprise solution - all in stealth mode.

May 2022

Realfinity successfully completes its beta launch to initial customers with HomeDashboard for homeowners (RealOwner).

Realfinity closes a pre-seed funding round. (Click above to read more)

Realfinity integrates with OptimalBlue and Blend, and announces a partnership with Quantarium. (Click above to read more)

October 2022

Realflinity launches its public API.

February 2023

Realfinity launches HomeDashboard for homebuyers (RealBuyer).

March 2023

Realfinity releases Leads+, a feature that allows clients to self-register on HomeDashboard.

May 2023

Realfinity introduces Realtors+, allowing real estate agents and loan officers to co-brand and collaborate on HomeDashboard.

Summer 2023

Coming soon: Realfinity integrates with LenderPrice and launches Realfinity Mortgage.


Luca Dahlhausen

CEO & Board Member

Kipper Bush

Chief Technology Officer

Jim Hawksworth

Director of Operations

Kevin Keighran

Solutions Architect

Sheila Faller

Sr. Data Engineer

Raffy Ronda

Software Development Team Lead

Jimmy Schwank

Project Manager

Charles Florido

Backend Developer

Jasmine Mirabueno

Sr. Frontend Developer

Anne Selna

Sr. Business Analyst

Chan Balang

Technical Business Analyst

Maya Scheidl

UI/UX Designer

Jane Abad

Design & Support Specialist

Board of Directors

Mark McLaughlin

Board Member & Advisor

Rob Hirt

Board Member & Advisor

Luca Dahlhausen

CEO & Board Member

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