Making it easy to offer mortgage services–for any brand.

Mortgages are becoming increasingly uniform, which limits consumer choice and raises costs. This uniformity also intensifies competition in lenders’ sales and marketing, further increasing expenses for homeowners. Meanwhile, the industry is complex and heavily regulated, making it challenging for new businesses to enter and drive change.

Realfinity is transforming how mortgages are being offered, sold, and distributed by reducing compliance and technology barriers in the industry. As an enabling infrastructure provider, we support professionals and businesses in offering mortgage services through our origination and processing platform – promoting growth, affordability and simplicity for all.

What Drives Us

Growth for All

We foster an environment that enables businesses, their homeowners, and our team to grow and unleash maximum potential; driving positive change to make mortgages accessible for everyone.

Innovation at our Core

We promise to bring fresh and creative ideas, challenge the norm, and use technology to make mortgages straightforward for everyone.  

Simplicity for Better Efficiency

We think simplicity leads to efficiency. We focus on eliminating unnecessary complexity, concentrating on what matters most, to make mortgages easier for everyone.  

Lifelong Learners

We listen, learn, understand, and adjust our methods to match our clients’ needs. We welcome new ideas and feedback to make mortgages better for everyone.

Equality through Transparency

We strive for equal access to an open and truthful mortgage industry. We understand that mortgages are essential financial tools and are therefore devoted to make mortgages honest for everyone.  

Love for Mortgage

We are a passionate and dedicated team; driven by the opportunities we create for others. We don’t simply work; we work with a purpose, and that purpose is to make businesses thrive and homeowners succeed.

Our Team

Luca Dahlhausen

CEO & Founder

Kipper Bush

Chief Technology Officer

Jim Hawksworth

Director of Operations

Kevin Keighran

Solutions Architect

Raffy Ronda

Software Development Team Lead

Jasmine Mirabueno

Sr. Frontend Developer

Chan Balang

Technical Business Analyst

Maya Scheidl

Head of Design

Carmen Velez

Senior Controller

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Company FAQ

What problem is Realfinity solving?

The mortgage industry is complex and heavily regulated, making it difficult for new businesses and entrepreneurs to enter. This has hindered innovation and business potential, resulting in inflated mortgage rates due to high customer acquisition costs and fragmented processes. 

Realfinity is reducing the barriers to business ownership within the mortgage industry.

Realfinity enables entrepreneurs to start and grow their own mortgage businesses, fostering growth, innovation, and simplicity. Our platform leverages technology for instant pricing comparison among different wholesale lenders, enhancing capture rates, and reducing costs for consumers. We provide the easiest and most profitable way to offer mortgage as a service to past and future clients.

Realfinity offers a full-stack loan origination platform and processing service which is available to dual-licensed agents and mortgage businesses partnered with Realfinity through the Independent Broker Model (IBM).

Realfinity is headquartered in Miami, Florida and our team works remotely from across the country, including San Francisco and Los Angeles, California.

The best way to get in touch with the sales team is to send a message here:

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