May 14, 2024     •     Press Release

Realfinity Launches Mortgage Point of Sale for Dual-Licensed Agents Offering Mortgages as an Ancillary Service

Miami, Florida • Realfinity, an embedded finance solution for the mortgage industry, is excited to announce the launch of its new mortgage Point of Sale (POS), the latest feature addition to the comprehensive Realfinity Origination Platform. The POS is the first mortgage Point of Sale purely designed and developed for dual-licensed real estate agents who also provide their clients mortgage services.

Unlocking New Opportunities for Agents and Homebuyers Alike

The platform aims to revolutionize the homebuying experience by enabling dual-licensed real estate agents to offer both real estate and mortgage services. This integrated approach will streamline the transaction process, making it faster and more accessible for clients.

“As we launch the new Point of Sale (POS) addition to the Realfinity Origination platform, we are effectively enabling real estate agents to handle anything in relation to their clients’ financing needs within one app,” said Luca Dahlhausen, CEO at Realfinity. He added, “We envision a future where homebuyers benefit from improved economics by working with their dual-licensed real estate agent for any mortgage needs. We are not just providing a platform; we are shaping the future of real estate transactions.”

Mobile screens from Realfinity's mortgage POS platform

Key Features and Benefits

  • Initiation and management of loan applications: Agents can initiate and manage loan applications with a few clicks for clients who are interested in getting a loan via their dual-licensed real estate agent.
  • Document management: The platform allows the agent and client to upload required documentation as part of the pre-approval or loan approval process.
  • Disclosures & E-Consents: The mortgage POS also manages consents and provides disclosures to the client related to the loan application.
  • Compliance & Transparency: As the only entry point for starting new loans, Realfinity’s POS allows for transparency and compliance checks, adhering to all lending-related regulations.

“At Realfinity, we are dedicated to equipping real estate agents with advanced technology that enhances client interactions and increases operational efficiency,” stated Kipper Bush, CTO of Realfinity. “Our new Point of Sale feature exemplifies this by building intuitive workflows specifically designed for real estate agents who want to offer mortgage as an ancillary service.”

The POS launch completes the company’s recently announced dual-license program that enables real estate agents the integration of mortgage services once they have gained their NMLS license through Realfinity’s partnership with OnCourse Learning.

About Realfinity

Making it easy to offer mortgage services – for any brand.

Realfinity is transforming how mortgages are being offered, sold, and distributed by reducing compliance and technology barriers in the industry. As an enabling infrastructure provider, we support professionals and businesses in offering mortgage services through our origination and processing platform – promoting growth, affordability, and simplicity for all.

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